[Ovmsdev] Hey you in there! Your door knocker fell off!

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Thu Jan 10 01:28:36 HKT 2019

When I was plugging a cable into the micro-USB connector on my
OVMSv3.0 board the connector came off.  This was a bit of a scare!
Even though the connector uses through-hole pins for physical
attachment, I guess there is some flexing of the solder as the cable
is inserted or removed.  I have not done that many insertions, though;
it's the other end of the cable with a full-size USB connector that
gets exercised.

Fortunately I was able to reflow the solder for both the through-hole
pins and the ity-bity surface-mount electrical connections using a
fine-tip soldering iron so operation was restored.

So this is just a word of caution to be gentle!

                                                        -- Steve

p.s. The subject is a reference to Firesign Theatre for those of us
old enough to have burned up time in college listening to their

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