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Robert Sharpe (Electric Vehicle Consultant) robert.sharpe at evergreen-consulting.co.uk
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Hi Anko,

I have updated the document.

On a slightly different, if OVMS was more plug-and-play it would be easier for users to setup and be more attractive to less technical users.

Do you think it is technically possible to use the VIN number to set the year and capacity related parameters automatically?



I have VIN numbers for an early 2011 Leaf and a 2014 Leaf if that helps.


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Hi Anko,

I will update it.


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With the inclusion of fix #170, "Fix for 0% SOH on 30KWh models with Nissan BMS update" in the new 3.2.001 firmware, the user guide needs updating.

I do not seem to have the right to do that, so can someone do it for me?


It concerns the "OVMS v3 Advanced User Guide", Chapter "NL Nissan Leaf", section "Configuration":

- The former [2016] section title should be updated to [2016-2017]

- The section about the 30 kwh models should be taken out of the [2016-2017] section and into its own section (there are 2015 30 kwh models, I own one…)

- The new section about the 30kwh models needs an extra command to also update the "newCarAh" setting to 79 (from 66)


Full new text:



[2011-2015 models]

To enable remote commands, either

Unplug any CARWINGS, Nissan Connection or TCU units or

on Generation 1 Cars, wire the RC3 to TCU pin 11 (see MyNissanLeaf post)


[2016-2017 models]

Set the model year as follows


    config set xnl modelyear 2016


    config set xnl modelyear 2017


[30 kwh models]

For models with a 30 kwh battery pack, set  the capacity manually as follows


    config set xnl maxGids 356

    config set xnl newCarAh 79


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