[Ovmsdev] Mitsubishi i-MiEV and clones

Tamás Kovács kommykt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 03:54:57 HKT 2019

I want to add support for 80 cell cars , the i-Miev has 88 cell all model
year, but the clones are 80 cell from 2013 model year.
What's the good implement for this.
1) Create a config, and user can set it
2) Automatically get from VIN number and set it.

And a nother question, where set the BmsSetCellArrangementVoltage() and
Now set in OvmsVehicleMitsubishi::OvmsVehicleMitsubishi()

I now created the first for testing. I added
      BmsSetCellArrangementTemperature(60, 6)
in: void OvmsVehicleMitsubishi::ConfigChanged(OvmsConfigParam* param)
if checkbox checked, but in dasboard show all the 88 cell data if set to 80
This is because the vestor has 88 values, or because 80/88 cell cars
delivers 88 cell values? I don't understand why send 80 cell cars 88 cell
data (8 fake?)

If i add "MyConfig.GetParamValueBool("vehicle", "bms.alerts.enabled",
false);" to OvmsVehicleMitsubishi::OvmsVehicleMitsubishi() i can disable
bms alerts for default?
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