[Ovmsdev] User guide update for Nissan Leaf

Anko Hanse anko_hanse at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 3 10:24:11 HKT 2019

With the inclusion of fix #170, "Fix for 0% SOH on 30KWh models with Nissan BMS update" in the new 3.2.001 firmware, the user guide needs updating.
I do not seem to have the right to do that, so can someone do it for me?

It concerns the "OVMS v3 Advanced User Guide", Chapter "NL Nissan Leaf", section "Configuration":
- The former [2016] section title should be updated to [2016-2017]
- The section about the 30 kwh models should be taken out of the [2016-2017] section and into its own section (there are 2015 30 kwh models, I own one...)
- The new section about the 30kwh models needs an extra command to also update the "newCarAh" setting to 79 (from 66)

Full new text:

[2011-2015 models]
To enable remote commands, either
Unplug any CARWINGS, Nissan Connection or TCU units or
on Generation 1 Cars, wire the RC3 to TCU pin 11 (see MyNissanLeaf post)

[2016-2017 models]
Set the model year as follows

    config set xnl modelyear 2016
    config set xnl modelyear 2017

[30 kwh models]
For models with a 30 kwh battery pack, set  the capacity manually as follows

    config set xnl maxGids 356
    config set xnl newCarAh 79
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