[Ovmsdev] ESP-WROVER-B

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Dec 9 21:42:22 HKT 2019

Our latest wifi-only modules are coming with ESP-WROVER-B module, and that includes 8MB PSRAM/SPIRAM (not 4MB, our standard so far). I have had one report from the field that factory firmware 3.2.002 works fine, but 3.2.005 crashes on boot with an error:

(824) psram: This chip is ESP32-D0WD[[0m
(824) spiram: Expected 4096KiB chip but found 8192KiB chip. Bailing out..

I see we have this in our sdkconfig:

Type of SPI RAM chip in use
 ( ) Auto-detect
 (X) ESP-PSRAM32 or IS25WP032
 ( ) ESP-PSRAM64 or LY68L6400

Not sure when that appeared, but I guess between 3.2.002 and 3.2.005.

The user experiencing this problem is knowledgeable (he managed to recover back to factory), so I am trying a 3.2.007 build with him, with that setting set to auto-detect.

Regards, Mark.

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