[Ovmsdev] MG eZS Support?

Glyn Hudson glyn.hudson at openenergymonitor.org
Tue Aug 20 00:58:49 HKT 2019


There is a lot of excitement regarding the launch of this EV in
Europe, pre-orders have sold out. In Europe (unlike in Asia) the MG
eZS is not due to come with mobile app support.

I'm keen to help with adding support for the MG eZS. Is anyone else
interested? Has anyone got access or an order placed for an MG eZS?
Getting access to the car for testing will be the main issue. I may be
able to help with this.

It looks like a rather interesting EV, Saic Chinese built with a
decent battery size and very competitive price:

Has anyone any experiance working with other SIAC vehicles?

All the best,

Glyn Hudson


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