[Ovmsdev] GPS request from vehicles

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu Aug 15 08:46:20 HKT 2019

The original implementation was to use this in vehicle modules that required GPS from the modem (and not from car CAN bus signals):

MyEvents.SignalEvent("vehicle.require.gps", NULL);
MyEvents.SignalEvent("vehicle.require.gpstime", NULL);

There was also the ‘modem’ ‘enable.gps’ and ‘enable.gpstime’ configuration.

Reviewing the code now, I can’t see the implementation of this any more. We now seem to work solely from the ‘enable.gps’ and ‘enable.gpstime’ in the modem config.

Any objections / suggestions to putting this back? Perhaps with a RegisterGPS(bool) and RegisterGPSTime(bool) in the vehicle base class, then have simcom GsmNMEA check the config and current vehicle - with config overriding vehicle preferences?

Regards, Mark.

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