[Ovmsdev] Config backup & restore

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Oct 3 22:38:43 HKT 2018

I've added ZIP archive support. This is based on zlib and libzip, which are included as new submodules, so you'll need to do "git submodule update" after
pulling the update.

First application is config backup & restore. New commands:

  * config backup <path> [password=module password]
  * config restore <path> [password=module password]

The backup covers the directories "ovms_config" and "events" from "/store". Restore will only replace those by the restored versions, anything else on "/store"
is left untouched. Restore automatically reboots the module on success.

Web UI is todo.

Note: backup ZIP encryption is AES-256, so you'll need 7z or a similar modern zip utility on your PC.


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