[Ovmsdev] How do I run candump

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Nov 26 07:59:10 HKT 2018

We have full support for CAN dumping.

Two options:

To an SD card

can log crtd /sd/file.crtd
can log off

Usage: can log crtd <path> [filter1] [filter2] [filter3]
Filter: <bus> / <id>[-<id>] / <bus>:<id>[-<id>]
Example: 2:2a0-37f

Over WiFi

re start
re move serve
re serve format crtd|pcap

Then, on workstation:

  nc vehicleid.local 3000 | tee file.crtd

I personally use the wifi mode. You can output to crtd format (an ascii readable format), or pcap (for loading into wireshark). With wifi, you can also ‘re serve mode simulate’ and then replay CAN bus dumps back in (nc vehicleid.local 3000 <file.crtd).

If you want to test transmission, you can either do it over wifi (re serve mode transmit), or use the ‘can canX tx …’ command to directly transmit a frame.

Regards, Mark.

> On 26 Nov 2018, at 7:39 AM, Craig Leres <leres at xse.com> wrote:
> I'm starting to look at adding support for my Cadillac but it's not clear to me that I can use a ovms module to capture can frames? Do I need another device to do it?
> 		Craig
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