[Ovmsdev] Leaf door control

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sat May 26 11:58:13 HKT 2018

On 26/05/18 01:44, Robin O'Leary wrote:
> Unfortunately, I just tried on MY2015, and these commands seemed to
> have no effect.  But maybe that isn't much of a surprise: my older
> model doesn't claim to have remote lock/unlock, and the architecture is
> a lot different (using frames with only 1 byte instead of 4, and on a
> different bus).

Given the remote door lock Stein has uses the same sequence the TCU uses 
for remote climate control, I wouldn't be too surprised if it doesn't 
work on cars that didn't have that feature from the beginning.

> Did you have to unplug your TCU?  Mine is still plugged in; maybe I need
> to try it unplugged.

The other remote commands don't work properly when the TCU is plugged 
in, so it's possible this is your problem. I have both a 2016 and 2012 
Leaf, but unfortunately I swapped cars with a friend for the weekend so 
I'll have to wait for it to come back with my OVMS v3 before testing.

The other thing to do is to record the can bus and see what happens when 
you send the unlock sequence on a car that supports Nissan Connect 
unlock, and also when you unlock the doors with the key remote. Possibly 
it can be implemented on cars that don't support remote unlock in Nissan 
Connect by mimicking the key remote, or some combination of the Nissan 
Connect wake-up message and the key remote unlock messages. The "lock 
doors above a speed" feature may also be informative, but you'd have to 
pick it out of the messages sent while the car is moving.

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