[Ovmsdev] Default values and fields...

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Wed May 23 03:09:56 HKT 2018

On Tue, 22 May 2018, Greg D. wrote:

> Oh, almost...  My timezone was also wrong.  It was set to -7 like I do
> everywhere else, instead of PST8PDT.  Where did that come from?  My only
> clue to this was that the new boot status display of time at last boot
> said GMT instead of PDT.

Because the ESP-IDF system does not have all the compiled-in timezone
code, we need to specify how to manage daylight saving time using the
long value for the TZ parameter.  So not even PST8PDT is sufficient,
you need "PST8PDT,M3.2.0/2,M11.1.0".

                                                        -- Steve

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