[Ovmsdev] Leaf 2016 30Kwh flapping SOC

Robin O'Leary ovmsdev at caederus.org
Thu May 3 18:11:10 HKT 2018

On Thu, May 03, 2018 at 10:25:34AM +0100, Robin O'Leary wrote:
> Instead of creating a new option, could we not use whether or not the
> existing "newCarAh" option is set?  It needs to be set to a correct
> value in order for the old method to work, and people who don't set it
> would just get the dash version.

Sorry, I meant the "maxGids" option, not newCarAh.

...although the same argument applies to ms_v_bat_soh and newCarAh:
if newCarAh is set, do it the current way, else use the dash reading.
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