[Ovmsdev] 3.1.005

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Wed May 2 03:32:00 HKT 2018

On Tue, 1 May 2018, Michael Balzer wrote:

> The crash reports I got are RAM related. I don't know yet how this
> can still happen, one was a failed "new" operator in server_v2 for
> the message encryption, the other a failed mongoose buffer
> resize. Both modules should have plenty of free RAM now in about any
> situation, so I'm a bit clueless about these.

Did this mongoose buffer problem occur on an ssh connection?  It is
still possible to use up a 4MB of RAM on a command that is generating
output without being dependent on some source timing.  For example, I
expect that the "test chargen" command can still gobble up all the
memory.  It won't crash, though, because I added the error status
plumbing necessary to avoid it and a check for the error in

If you want to test with with the v3.1 module, I suggest unmounting
the SD card first in case you need to reboot ungracefully, then try:

test chargen 1000000

What I expect to happen is that a few hundred lines of output will be
printed and then an error message will be logged on the async
console, followed some time later by messages on the ssh console and
the async console about characters lost.

                                                        -- Steve

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