[Ovmsdev] HUD Cables

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed May 23 11:29:04 HKT 2018

As discussed, the HUD cables have been produced and seem ok. I received a pair today, hot off the production line in China. Here is the specification:


One end (DA26-M) connects to the OVMS v3 DIAG (expansion) connector. The other end provides an OBDII female (J1962-F) connector. Cable wiring is as follows:

J1962-F   DA26-M  Signal
4         8       Chassis/Power GND
5         8       Chassis/Power GND
6         16      CAN-H (primary CAN)
14        6       CAN-L (primary CAN)
16        18      +12V Vehicle Power
Cable includes a 120ohm resistor between DA26 pins 16 and 6.

This provides for an OBDII expansion port for OVMS v3 and allows devices such as OBDII dongles, Heads-up-Displays (HUDs), etc, to be connected to OVMS using the ‘obd2ecu’ firmware module.

They look really nice. Moulded, tough, and stubby. DA26 expansion connector to OVMS has screws to hold it in place, and they seem to work well. We had to make a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 100, and they will go up on Fasttech over the next couple of days (along with stock replenishment for some other cables running low / out of stock). These are relatively expensive to make (moulded DA26 connectors, 120ohm resistor, etc), so will be US$14.50 each (including free shipping).

Regards, Mark.

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