[Ovmsdev] Production batch 2 and onwards

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed May 2 14:24:07 HKT 2018


The order for production batch #2 has just been placed:

50x US kits (module + US 3G modem + Hologram sim)
150x EU kits (module + EU 3G modem + Hologram sim)
20x modules only (board + case, but no modem)
5x EU 3G modems (incl. Hologram sim)
5x US 3G modems (incl. Hologram sim)

No change to specification and board layout from the first production batch, except to re-iterate the points that came in from feedback. We are arranging a foam box to ship the modules in, with our logo on it, to avoid the issues with sticky glue on those padded bags.

Availability at Fasttech perhaps in about 3 weeks time. Our deadline for firmware is about 10 days.

This is a lot of $$$ upfront payment, and the project is pretty tapped financially (I’ve had to pay for most of this myself). Once the money from sales starts to come in, we’ll be better off.

I have quotes from certification labs for CE and FCC certs, and it seems possible. They say we may have some small changes to make (ESD primarily), but overall our design seems fine and they are confident we can achieve the certification. The process is expensive, but is just a one off upfront payment. Current plan is to start with that process once we have this production batch built and at Fasttech. We did consider doing this before this production batch #2, but that would have just delayed things several months.

So long as this certification process doesn’t drag on, we should be able to keep OVMS v3 in stock and available from now.

Regards, Mark.

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