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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
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Here is our current cable standard (for normal OBDII, not including Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster, and Tesla S). This standard is valid for OBDII connectors except for Nissan Leaf (where primary and alternate CANs have been historically switched). At some point it would be good to get away from that proprietary Nissan Leaf cable, but we’d need to do it in a transparent way (presumably by listening on both buses for traffic, before transmitting anything, and then deciding which is which dynamically).

For DB9 cables:

Pinout “C"

J1962-M   DB9-F   Signal
4         3       Chassis/Power GND
6         7       CAN-H (primary CAN)
14        2       CAN-L (primary CAN)
13        5       CAN-H (alternate CAN)
12        4       CAN-L (alternate CAN)
16        9       +12V Vehicle Power

J1962 end should be MALE plug with angle cable. DB9 end should be FEMALE.
Both ends should be enclosed in shells, and cable should be 1metre in length.

We also have a new standard cable for OBDII HUDs/Dongles, called “HUD”. This cable plugs into the OVMS v3 diagnostic port and provides power and signal to simulate an OBDII (female end) port. Cable design for the new “HUD” cable is attached below.

For DA26 cables:

Pinout: “HUD"

J1962-F   DA26-M  Signal
4         8       Chassis/Power GND
5         8       Chassis/Power GND
6         16      CAN-H (primary CAN)
14        6       CAN-L (primary CAN)
16        18      +12V Vehicle Power

• Require 120ohm resistor between DA26 pins 16 and 6 (this can be either at J1962 or DA26 ends).
• J1962 pins 4 and 5 are both connected to single DA26 pin 8.
• J1962 end should be FEMALE plug with moulded straight cable. DA26 end should be MALE.
• Both ends should be enclosed in shells, and cable should be 15cm in length.

I’ve (re)ordered stock of these just now, and paid for 400 of them (200 left, 100 right, 100 HUD). We should have them up on Fasttech in about 10 days.

Regards, Mark.

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