[Ovmsdev] LWIP lock-up

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Wed Mar 28 17:01:45 HKT 2018

On 28/03/18 16:02, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Too damn reliable.
> It has been three days since this last happened. Module has been in 
> the car, rock solid, and no crashes/reboots for three days now. No 
> watchdog timers fired.

I haven't seen any hangs either, but how would I know that a watchdog 
has fired? I've had my data logger connected most of the time I've been 
driving so I have logs of all the sessions and can grep.

> Any ideas / suggestions as to how to repeat this issue, other than 
> move to New Zealand (where Tom seems to get it fairly regularly)?

I unplugged my antenna but I'm still getting reasonably good service :(

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