[Ovmsdev] v3 hardware disconnecting from v2 server

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sat Mar 24 08:43:00 HKT 2018

On 23/03/18 21:52, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> On one of my drives, I saw a similar thing. The symptom for me was that ‘power simcom off’ would lock up the console, and wifi could not in general connect to any stations any more. Everything else appeared to be running fine.
> Since using the latest ‘wifirefactor’ code, I haven’t see this. But, I haven’t used Access Point mode, or Web Server. I’m trying to keep things simple, to get a base system stable first, before adding more complexity, so I just have a ovms server v2, a wifi scanning client (connecting to any available access point), and a simcom modem running. That seems stable for the past two days for me.

I'm not running a wifi client at all, and I'm fairly sure I have 
everything else turned off, I'm only using the leaf, simcom and server v2.

> So, I’ve just merged in the ‘wifirefactor’ code to master. Can you try with that code, and see if you still get issues?

I'm running it now, I'll let you know how it goes. I have a reproducible 
testcase: when using the spark m2m service, the ovms never reconnects if 
I disable and re-activate the simcard. This doesn't freeze the whole 
system when I power off the simcom so it may be we have two bugs. I 
don't have the right simcards here so I'll try it on Monday.

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