[Ovmsdev] Things left to do, before production

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Mar 21 04:29:15 HKT 2018

Am 18.03.2018 um 12:36 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> I haven't finished the streaming mode yet, it seems there is some sort of LWIP issue. It's usable though with a higher timeout, so I'll do that as a
> workaround for the OTA UI. Streaming is necessary to see the OTA command progress. The issue is the socket doesn't begin to stream until the first 1024 buffer
> has been filled, despite setting TCP_NODELAY. Reducing the send buffer size doesn't work at all, LWIP gets stuck on the send if I do.

Found & fixed… well, worked around.

It turned out I was looking at the wrong side of the equation: it's a Chrome/Webkit bug, and a very old one also. Every Webkit based browser does a fixed
initial buffering for mime type text/plain. The fix is to change the type to application/octet-stream, and voila, streaming works… *sigh*

So OTA flash progress can now also be followed live in every browser.


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