[Ovmsdev] Making secure

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 04:43:56 HKT 2018

Ok, so the stop / start thing didn't repeat, and I see that the server
v2 status contains nothing sensitive when connected.  So, I've
downgraded Status to not being secure.  Pushed.


Greg D. wrote:
> Made changes for v2 server.  Pushed and pull request created.
> But, a question and a problem:
> Question:  Should the server status require secure mode?  I coded it
> yes, but wonder if it's better left as not secure.
> Problem:  Couldn't do much testing, as I can't get the v2 server to
> connect.  Stays at "starting"...  Did something break in the network
> connection stuff, or is there a problem with the server itself?  The
> phone app seems to connect ok.
> Possibly related, if I tell the server to stop, then to start again, the
> start command never completes (never see an ovms prompt after).  This is
> before I changed the security settings.
> Greg
> Stephen Casner wrote:
>> I need to go to a concert now and have not done server yet.  Someone
>> else can do it, or I'll be back about 5:30 PDT.
>>                                                         -- Steve
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