[Ovmsdev] Things left to do, before production

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu Mar 15 16:06:17 HKT 2018

All components have arrived, and final assembly is happening now. Next week will be firmware flashing, QC, and then packaging.

Label looks like this:

Last things to do, with the goal of making this as easy as possible for the first guinea pig end users…

Modem Stability. I’ve been working on this. Seems ok now; I drive in and out of zero coverage areas often, and it seems to recover. I’ll address any new issues as and when I find them. It would be helpful if others could put these in their cars, and feedback good/bad news.

Module Password (via web interface). I’ve asked Michael to handle this, if he has time.

Tidy up of ‘secure’ mode. I’ve asked Steve to handle this.

OTA. It is workable at the moment. Not automatic, but pretty usable. I’ve committed my last change today so that ‘ota status’ shows the version available on the server (if wifi is up). It would be nice if the web interface could help with this; and particularly nice if we could upload firmware via the web interface directly to flash. I think Michael is working on this (at least the help, if not the upload).

Deadline for the above is this Sunday (18th March).

End-User Documentation. This is priority now, and deadline is the end of this month to have something good enough for someone to follow to setup the module from scratch.

The other production and Fasttech side of things is being handled. We’re gonna have the Fasttech US$20 coupon codes ready to go at launch. Hologram have also offered a US$5 coupon code as a starter for OVMS users (both new and existing), which will be ready at launch as well. Developers can benefit from both.

Fasttech will have 100 kits (50 US, 50 EU) and I’ll have 20 (10 US, 10 EU). Normal orders can go through Fasttech - if people need something special (just modems, just main boards, etc) let me know and I’ll handle it directly.

So, for me it is now on to end-user documentation. As a reminder, that is in google docs and everyone is welcome to join in and help. The link to view/comment on the document is here:


If anyone wants to help directly edit/author some of it, let me know your eMail address and I’ll send an invite with editing privileges.

Regards, Mark.

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