[Ovmsdev] Mongoose update & dev merge

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Mar 11 02:34:09 HKT 2018

Mark, Steve,

I'm about to update our mongoose submodule to the latest changes _including_ the latest additions to the "dev" branch.

That's because I want to use the mg_broadcast() function, which doesn't work on the ESP32 until this fix from the dev branch:


Quickly found that in the mongoose issues once I knew what to look for… ;)

My local checkout builds & runs. I've checked through the commits, there is no API change (except a minor one on HTTP header parsing). None of the commits looks
like it could break something and there are some clear fixes included, so I think we can just merge the dev branch.

I'll do some general tests before pushing the change, if you'd like me to wait with the update or do some specific tests, tell me.


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