[Ovmsdev] Valid Vehicle ID characters?

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 03:42:44 HKT 2018

I can't find it now, but somehow I ended up with an underscore in my
vehicle ID, registered through the OpenVehicles website.  Should I
change the ID, or change the webserver to accept the additional
characters?   I'm guessing the only real restrictions are to use the
traditional printable characters from the base ASCII character set, and
no spaces.


Michael Balzer wrote:
> No, that's the v2 rule for vehicle IDs.
> Don't know about the origin though, I don't think any component would have a problem with lower case and dashes / underscores /…
> Even UTF-8 should be no problem (except via SMS). Maybe a rule we can drop?
> Am 08.03.2018 um 19:17 schrieb Greg D.:
>> Just noticed...  The Webserver restricts the vehicle ID to "upper case
>> letters and digits".  I thought underscores and dashes are allowed
>> (seems to work); my car's ID contains an underscore...  Is this
>> additional restriction new (server v3, perhaps)?
>> Greg
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