[Ovmsdev] 3.0.991

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 07:24:28 HKT 2018

Hi Michael,

I trying to figure out how Zeroconf is supposed to work, given the
networking services that the module currently supports.  Perhaps I don't
understand mDNS well enough, but don't we need some means to broadcast
our presence, separate from the network?

I was able to run the ZeroConf Browser on my Android phone (Google
Pixel2, latest code), and it did discover the module.  But that was only
when the module and phone were both connected by wifi to the home
network.  When it was running in AP mode, with the phone connected to
the home network, there is no way for the phone to see the mDNS service
announcement packets. 

I did a wireless trace of the wifi beacons, thinking it might be
broadcast in there, but didn't find anything service-oriented other than
the usual stuff.  The only wifi adapter that I could get to cooperate
with me today was a really old one (11b-only), so perhaps there's
something at an 11g/n level that I can't see? 

I'm thinking we need some out-of-band channel for the broadcasts, for
example, Bluetooth.  Isn't there a service there for this purpose?  How
is this supposed to work? 


Michael Balzer wrote:
> Zeroconf / mDNS allows to address the module using the name "<moduleid>.local", but is not supported on all systems. It should work on iOS, but I can't test
> that. It doesn't work on Android 7, so is not usable as a general solution.

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