[Ovmsdev] Auto start/init (was Re: Crash / reboot loop with log level Info)

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Mar 3 20:42:41 HKT 2018


I've just added ext12v and obd2ecu to the auto init system & web config.

So except for the metric set command, you should now be able to start your module without a script.

The autostart sequence is slightly different from yours, the obd2ecu init is done after the vehicle module init, as I see the vehicle module as the data
provider for the obd2ecu module -- correct me if I'm wrong.

Can you please verify the start sequence is working as expected?


Am 25.02.2018 um 22:08 schrieb Greg D.:
> Here's my system.start event file:
>     OVMS > vfs cat /store/events/system.start/mystartup
>     obdii ecu start can3
>     power ext12v on
>     wifi mode client gregnet3
>     # power simcom on
>     vehicle module TR
>     server v2 start
>     metric set v.b.soc 55
>     OVMS >
> (Before you ask, the setting of the soc metric is so that I can see the server is actually talking to the module, when the module's on the bench.)

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