[Ovmsdev] Stack overflow: What is task "itT"?

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 12:55:11 HKT 2018

Hi folks,

I just updated to the latest (7 commits), and am having trouble with a
stack overflow in a task named "tiT".  Not sure if that's real, or if
the task name has been corrupted.

My startup script enables both simcom and wifi.  Turning off wifi
doesn't prevent the crash.  Turning off simcom does (I get all the way
to the server connecting), so it's apparently somehow related to the
modem and ppp stack.



W (10404) wifi: incorrect scan type: 1073533448
I (11404) simcom: State timeout, transition to 2
I (11404) simcom: State: Enter PoweringOn state
I (11404) simcom: Power Cycle
I (11894) housekeeping: System considered stable, auto init re-enabled
I (17034) simcom: State: Enter PoweredOn state
I (36404) simcom: State: Enter MuxStart state
I (36404) gsm-mux: Start MUX
I (36414) gsm-mux: Channel #0 is open
I (36424) gsm-mux: Channel #1 is open
I (36424) gsm-mux: Channel #2 is open
I (36434) gsm-mux: Channel #3 is open
I (36434) gsm-mux: Channel #4 is open
I (37404) simcom: State: Enter NetWait state
I (47484) simcom: CREG Network Registration: RegisteredRoaming
I (48404) simcom: State: Enter NetStart state
I (49494) simcom: PPP Connection is ready to start
I (50404) simcom: State: Enter NetMode state
I (50404) gsm-ppp: Initialising...
W (50404) wifi: incorrect scan type: 1073533448
OVMS > ***ERROR*** A stack overflow in task tiT has been detected.
abort() was called at PC 0x4008f024 on core 1
0x4008f024: vApplicationStackOverflowHook at

Backtrace: 0x4008ee34:0x3ffca170 0x4008f00b:0x3ffca190
0x4008f024:0x3ffca1b0 0x4008b52c:0x3ffca1d0 0x4008d534:0x3ffca1f0
0x4008ee34: invoke_abort at

0x4008f00b: abort at /home/greg/esp/esp-idf/components/esp32/./panic.c:648

0x4008f024: vApplicationStackOverflowHook at

0x4008b52c: vTaskSwitchContext at

0x4008d534: _frxt_dispatch at

0x4008d4ea: _frxt_int_exit at


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