[Ovmsdev] v3 hardware disconnecting from v2 server

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Thu Mar 1 16:40:06 HKT 2018

On 21/02/18 14:43, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> I’ve tested it as far as I can on the bench. It needs to go in a car 
> now to see if things are more stable.

It didn't fix the permanent disconnects but it does seem to recover from 
problems in the mux layer. Since my signal strength is reported as being 
so low, I've installed a proper antenna now to eliminate this as a 
possible cause of not being able to reconnect, but I haven't had a 
chance to put the data logger on it and see what is going on while 
driving. It still disconnects about once per day.

I'll post again when I have a log of it disconnecting and remaining 
disconnected. Unfortunately I synced with the latest code this afternoon 
and it crashes before it's connected, but that is for another post.

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