[Ovmsdev] Vehicle Info in User Guides

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Jun 29 15:14:29 HKT 2018

We’ve got quite a few (hundreds, as we are about half way sold through the second batch) using OVMS v3 now, and I’m getting questions about specific functionality in specific vehicles. We need better documentation on this.

As an example, I’ve updated the User Guide, Tesla Roadster section. I’ve covered:

A short introduction about level of vehicle support. Should describe exactly what model years and variants are supported, and overall how good the support is.

Hardware requirements. A list of components (on fasttech, or elsewhere) for what is required (most importantly cables, antennas, etc).

Module installation in the vehicle. Where we recommend putting it.

Antenna installation. Where we recommend placing the antenna(s).

Vehicle-specific configuration options.

Vehicle-specific commands.

Notes. Concentrate on limitations, or vehicle-specific stuff.

Thanks. A space to thank the developers (yourself) and anybody else who has contributed to that vehicle module support.

It would be good if the other vehicles followed the same format (or something similar).

I see that Kia Soul is pretty complete, but Nissan Leaf and Renault Twizy need some work (I guess the RT document is somewhere else?). It would be good to get this all in one place, so we can simply refer questions to that. Could you guys fill in / copy over the text, and I’ll help with proof-reading and formatting?

Thanks, Mark.

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