[Ovmsdev] Can buses stop after some time

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sat Jul 7 10:42:28 HKT 2018

On 07/07/18 00:05, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Err flags 0x2040. The 0x20 part is the error interrupt. The 0x40 part is "RX0OVR: Receive Buffer 0 Overflow Flag bit”.
> Where the number on ‘can can2 status’ moving at all? Or completely stuck?

None of the can can2 status numbers change when the can bus is broken. 
After power cycling it they move.

> Seems different than the fault Greg and I are seeing. This one likely to be interrupt flag, or buffer overflow, not being cleared correctly. I’m guessing the overflow because that just doesn’t seem correct in mcp2515::RxCallback(). I’ll focus on that and have a look.

I just checked the car again and it stopped with Rx ovrflw number only 
1281, half what it got to last time.

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