[Ovmsdev] Can buses stop after some time

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Fri Jul 6 17:51:12 HKT 2018

My situation is somewhat different. Can2 is sick, but Rx err is 0:

OVMS# can can2 status
CAN:       can2
Mode:      Active
Speed:     500000
Interrupts:             6945528
Rx pkt:                 7012397
Rx err:                       0
Rx ovrflw:                 2483
Tx pkt:                    6801
Tx delays:                    0
Tx err:                       0
Tx ovrflw:                    0
Err flags: 0x2040

If I power cycle the can bus then things start to work again.

OVMS# power   can2 off
Power mode of can2 is now off
OVMS# can can2 start active 500000
Can bus can2 started in mode active at speed 500000bps
OVMS# can can2 status
CAN:       can2
Mode:      Active
Speed:     500000
Interrupts:               10263
Rx pkt:                   10340
Rx err:                       0
Rx ovrflw:                    6
Tx pkt:                       0
Tx delays:                    0
Tx err:                       0
Tx ovrflw:                    0
Err flags: 0x2040

My experience is that can2 only lasts a few minutes to perhaps an hour 
of driving before stopping. I'll see what it looks like next time it stops.

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