[Ovmsdev] Nissan Leaf Support Request

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Thu Jul 5 16:34:34 HKT 2018

On 01/07/18 21:23, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> A user has a raised a ticket:
>     https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2053

I can't see this link

>     I would like to be able to turn my A/C on and off remotely as
>     discussed
>     http://www.arachnon.de/wb/pages/en/nissan-leaf/ovms.php here. When
>     I use their version of the OVMS app it just crashes repeatedly
>     after I input my car's settings so I can't use it. However when I
>     use the play market version of the app, there is no A/C button but
>     it runs solidly and I can see my car's information (it works). Is
>     there a way to turn the A/C on and off with this version of the
>     app? Also, I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that the latest
>     hardware already has the features built in and no flashing is
>     necessary.

You want to use the play store version. I'm running 3.12.4 from the Play 
store and when connected to a Leaf, I see the AC button.

>     Bonus questions:
>     In the app it seems there's an ability to unlock my car and to put
>     it in valet mode but those features need a pin. Where does this
>     pin come from and do the features really work? What is valet mode
>     anyway?

Not all cars support lock and unlock or valet mode. We have some code 
that works for lock/unlock on the Leaf but it's not yet finished. There 
are no plans to support valet mode.

>     What is the 'Features' section of the app for? I see that I need
>     to set my #15 CAN Write to 1 before I can expect the A/C control
>     to work which I've done but is there any info on what the rest of
>     it does?

You don't need this for OVMS v3.

>     Server: 2.1.1-20121216
>     Car: 3.1.006
>     App: 3.12.4 (20180428
>     Update: The remote A/C worked with homelink 1 and 2 when I got
>     home to charge. I don't have a model with navigation or car wings
>     so I don't think I have the option mentioned about when to allow
>     remote A/C with respect to SOC level. Is it possible that there's
>     a way to set this option with the OVMS?
We still support climate control with homelink 1 & 2 for old apps. This 
at least lets use separate your climate control button problem questions 
about how the AC works.

Which model year Leaf do you have? Older than 2013 may require extra 
hardware to enable climate control when the car is asleep. 2013 through 
2015 use a different remote climate control to that of 2016 & 2017. You 
have to set the module year configuration option to tell the OVMS which 
car you have. 2018 Leafs are not yet supported.

We made a change to how the climate control is switched off recently and 
this is probably in the latest firmware (which you don't have on your 
OVMS). We don't have a way way to configure the remote climate control 
-- the OVMS simply sends the enable command to the car and the car does 
it's thing.

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