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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Jul 24 13:23:18 HKT 2018

I have a suggested pinout for future Tesla Cables:

X437     DB9      Signal
-------- -------- --------
1        7        CAN0-H
2        8        CAN2-H
3        1        K-Line
4        5        CAN1-H
6        2        CAN0-L
7        6        CAN2-L
9        3        GND
10       9        +12V
11       4        CAN1-L

This new cable could work for both Roadster and Model S. The previous pinout did not populate DB9 pins 1, 4, 5, 6, or 8 (so only GND, +12V, CAN0-H, and CAN0-L were connected).

For Tesla Roadster, that gives us access to all three CAN buses (and opens up a lot of opportunities):
CAN0 - Instrumentation (VDS, TPMS, etc)
CAN1 - SwitchPack / PEM
CAN2 - HVAC and Battery
K-Line (OBDII K-Line)

For Tesla Model S and X (2014 and before), that gives us access to three of the four CAN buses (of which the PowerTrain and Chassis seem the most useful, and BodyFaultTolerant has remote climate control module on it):
CAN0 - PowerTrain CAN bus
CAN1 - Chassis CAN bus
CAN2 - BodyFaultTolerant CAN bus
K-Line (OBDII K-Line)

For new Model S and X (with X437A connector), the DB9 side pinouts should be the same. I am currently trying to source a good supplier for the new style vehicle side connectors.

I’ve also wired in the K-Line into the unused pin #1 of our DB9 connector (even though that is not currently connected to anything). I am working with China side to see how we can connect that up (either via direct support chip in a future module, or via expansion board). Existing modules would require a mod to work with that (but not too hard to do).

As usual, suggestions / comments, and double-checking of the pinouts would be most appreciated.

Regards, Mark.
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