[Ovmsdev] UDS/ISO-TP Query

Fran Terry fajterry at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 19:31:36 HKT 2018

Hello One & All,

I am in the process of getting the smart ED (451) working on v3, have not
had an issue getting data out via normal PID requests. However I am having
issues with talking to the BMS & Charger, it might me being a noob, but I
can't work out the best way to do UDS/ISO-TP.

For instance I need to send the following packet to: 0x7E7
03 22 02 08 FF FF FF FF

I need to then pick up the following from 0x7EF:
11 93 62 02 08 0E A7 0E

I also need to send flow control frames, basically speak ISO-TP. I can see
in the TR code how to send a frame via CAN, however not sure how to pick up
the response and talk ISO-TP

Hope that makes sense, Thanks

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