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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Jan 29 08:31:29 HKT 2018

Very very cool. Love the clean layout, and very usable as is.

One comment: I don’t think the http.server config parameter is registered. I couldn’t set any configs on it. I was interested in trying out the vfs directory access functions - to download can bus dumps, etc. Wondering how mongoose handles that (and hoping it doesn’t consume all the ram for big files).

Regards, Mark.

> On 29 Jan 2018, at 3:10 AM, Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de> wrote:
> A first usable web frontend version is now in the hub.
> There are two new mongoose config options to enable serving from file space and list directory contents. I recommend enabling them, if you want to exclude
> access to the filesystem, you can do so by configuration params "http.server":
>    // "http.server"Instances:
>    //    Name                Default                 Function
>    //    enable.files        yes                     Enable file serving from docroot
>    //    enable.dirlist      yes                     Enable directory listings
>    //    docroot             /sd                     File server document root
>    //    auth.domain         ovms                    Default auth domain (digest realm)
>    //    auth.file           .htpasswd               Per directory auth file (Note: no inheritance from parent dir!)
>    //    auth.global         yes                     Use global auth for files (user "admin", module password)
> File access is not needed for the web frontend though, just an option to be able to access i.e. CAN logs. The docroot can be set to "/store", but I don't
> recommend that. The config path is protected, but this relies on mongoose delivering correct paths -- a bug would open access to the config. If you want to
> serve from /store, use a sub directory like "/store/www" as the docroot.
> Global and web session authentication is bound to the module password (config set password module "…").
> The frontend is AJAX based using Bootstrap & jQuery, with currently a very basic (functional) design. I've implemented a first home & status screen (just
> command outputs), a simple shell and config pages for the password and the basic vehicle setup (just type & id for now). I'll add config pages for wifi, modem,
> server & ota during the next days.
> The frontend is usable on a small screen, just the shell could need full screen support -- I'll have a look at that later on.
> The framework provides a page registration and page context utilities to enable custom / vehicle specific extensions with few effort. I'll add an example /
> template for this.
> Feedback is welcome.
> Regards,
> Michael
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