[Ovmsdev] Web frontend

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Jan 29 03:10:40 HKT 2018

A first usable web frontend version is now in the hub.

There are two new mongoose config options to enable serving from file space and list directory contents. I recommend enabling them, if you want to exclude
access to the filesystem, you can do so by configuration params "http.server":

    // "http.server"Instances:
    //    Name                Default                 Function
    //    enable.files        yes                     Enable file serving from docroot
    //    enable.dirlist      yes                     Enable directory listings
    //    docroot             /sd                     File server document root
    //    auth.domain         ovms                    Default auth domain (digest realm)
    //    auth.file           .htpasswd               Per directory auth file (Note: no inheritance from parent dir!)
    //    auth.global         yes                     Use global auth for files (user "admin", module password)

File access is not needed for the web frontend though, just an option to be able to access i.e. CAN logs. The docroot can be set to "/store", but I don't
recommend that. The config path is protected, but this relies on mongoose delivering correct paths -- a bug would open access to the config. If you want to
serve from /store, use a sub directory like "/store/www" as the docroot.

Global and web session authentication is bound to the module password (config set password module "…").

The frontend is AJAX based using Bootstrap & jQuery, with currently a very basic (functional) design. I've implemented a first home & status screen (just
command outputs), a simple shell and config pages for the password and the basic vehicle setup (just type & id for now). I'll add config pages for wifi, modem,
server & ota during the next days.

The frontend is usable on a small screen, just the shell could need full screen support -- I'll have a look at that later on.

The framework provides a page registration and page context utilities to enable custom / vehicle specific extensions with few effort. I'll add an example /
template for this.

Feedback is welcome.


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