[Ovmsdev] Server v3, proof-of-concept

Geir Øyvind Vælidalo geir at validalo.net
Fri Jan 19 18:58:59 HKT 2018

Nice, Mark!

I look forward to test this :-)

Regarding the sending frequency, for both V2 and V3, could we have it user
definable? I have quite a large amount of data on my subscription, and
would like OVMS to send data to the server as often as possible.
I was think once every N seconds. Default could of course be once every N
minutes, but I'd like the possibility to send updates more often

Best regards,

> I’ve committed a proof-of-concept for the server v3. Trying to keep this
> to just simple pure MQTT, so it can operate with any standard MQTT server.
> Of course, we’ll need our own api conventions on top of MQTT, but the
> basic metrics should work with any standard client/server. Screenshot
> below is from MQTTInspector on iPad, and I’m using a mosquito server.
> Don’t try this over cellular, as it currently sends metrics in real time
> as they change. For the final implementation, we’ll poll them in a
> similar way to v2 and only send changed ones once every N minutes.
> Regards, Mark
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