[Ovmsdev] SPIFFS or FAT for /store

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Jan 19 09:29:16 HKT 2018

ESP IDF 2.1 only had FAT support as a filesystem. We used this for the /store vfs mount, for config and script storage.

ESP IDF 3.x now has SPIFFS as an option.

SPIFFS is obviously more suited to embedded flash.

What do people think about making the switch to SPIFFS for /store now?

Doing so would probably not be hard (just a few lines of code change in the mounting of that /store partition), but would lose all config and script data in that partition (developers would have to disable vfs protection in menuconfig, then scp out first, to backup).

Doing it later is not really an option.



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