[Ovmsdev] CAN-3 broken again?

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 07:34:55 HKT 2018

Still running!  No issues that I can detect, though it's a fairly
focused test:  CAN-3 mostly, verified CAN-1 still connects to car.


Greg D. wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Changed all three to 10mhz.  I only have stuff hung off CAN3 right
> now, but the change to 10mhz seems to work.  Wireshark shows that the
> inter-frame time for the back-to-back messages reduced from somewhere
> around 800 us to about 550us.  Certainly helps!
> Surprisingly, the variability between runs is a lot less than before. 
> No idea why.
> I'll let it run this way over night, with obd2ecu talking to OBDWiz,
> and report if any issues become apparent.
> Greg

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