[Ovmsdev] CAN-3 broken again?

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Jan 16 16:26:21 HKT 2018

I think best for @michael to review. A single tx buffer is certainly easier to manage.

Regards, Mark.

> On 16 Jan 2018, at 1:59 PM, Greg D. <gregd2350 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> In vino veritas.
> Indeed!
> Fixes look good (can't seem to kill it).  Pushed to my fork on Git Hub,
> along with removal of the delays in the obd2ecu.cpp code.
> This was done on the older tool chain; wanted to be sure the fix was
> real before upgrading and potentially hiding the issue with a slight
> change in timing.  Will upgrade the toolchain tomorrow and verify.
> Greg
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