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Welcome Jason,

I'm in contact with a potential developer for the Fiat 500e adaptation. I've informed him about your offer, maybe he'll contact you or join in.

Regarding reverse engineering of the Fiat protocol, it's of course a great advantage being able to capture the original telematics control communication.

I'm not familiar with the Ross-Tech and AlfaOBD. You need an interface able to continuously capture at the full bus speed, which no ELM327 compatible is capable of.

If the Ross-Tech or AlfaOBD also cannot do that, check for example for an AGV4000, I've been using one of them for 500 kbit captures. A simple Arduino with a
standard 16 Mhz CAN module will also be able to capture at full 500 kbit, for example using my Arduino CanLogger: https://github.com/dexterbg/CanLogger

Some general hints on the capturing:

Activate time stamps on the capturing. Use separate trace files for separate functions / groups. Follow a strict test protocol, so notes & files can be mapped

Begin with noting down the current dashboard readings, so the values can be identified in the capture. Redo captures at different gauge levels (i.e. SOC,
odometer, temperatures, tire pressures etc.).

Test one car function at a time, note the log timestamps of each invocation and reaction.

Begin with simple functions like pushing buttons, activating lights etc., continue with pedals etc.

When testing the telematics control functions, note down the possible parameters (like temperature on climate control), then invoke the function at some
different settings for each parameter (again, change one parameter at a time). You don't need to check all values in range, just 2-3 strategic points.

Do some live driving captures, best on a test track, with a simple acceleration / speed profile.

If the Fiat does not react to standard OBD requests, it may use custom OBD addresses or the CANopen protocol. This can normally be deducted from the captured
CAN frames. You can also


Am 08.01.2018 um 16:07 schrieb Jason Perkins:
> OVMS team,
> As an owner of a Fiat 500e I was very interested when I stumbled across this project on the TMC forums. The Fiat factory telematics system deactivates 3 years
> from the original vehicle sale and is non renewable. I think FCA wants to kill the whole system at this point (it's been replaced with the corporate UConnect
> system) so another solution would be ideal. 
> I have a 2013 500e with deactivated telematics, and our roommate has a 2014 with working telematics. If any data could be captured from the car with working
> telematics (branded as Fiat Access) to assist integrating OVMS I'd love to help. 
> The Fiat Access telematics provides vehicle location, battery level, tire pressure, setting the charge schedules, locking / unlocking the car, and starting
> the climate control. I believe the actual control unit was adapted from some kind of remote-disablement system used in europe (the Fiat literature calls this
> the Vehicle Tracking Module). 
> The Fiat has a normal J1962 plug, but does not have OBDII protocol support. Like the Kia Soul the powertrain CAN on pin 6 / 14 and the body CAN on 1 / 9. 
> There's no telling how long the telematics will keep working on our roommates '14, so doing a capture sooner than later would be good. I'm open to any
> suggestions on how best to do this. The car related diag tools I have on hand are: ELM327 Bluetooth, Ross-Tech VCDS (For VW / Audi Products), and AlfaOBD
> (which can talk to most of the modules in the 500e - but not the VTM :( ), and an adapter to swap the CAN wires so a standard interface can get to the Body CAN. 
> Thanks!
> -J
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