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Thank you Mark – appreciate your feedback. Please tell me – should I follow up at the start of Feb re the status, or, will you let the group know / make an announcement when the v3 hardware is ready?

Kind regards,

Dima Ivanov
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  1.  V3 hardware, when do you think it’ll be ready?

We’ve just now solved the final problem (SDCARD vs 16MB flash). So now discussing with the factory. I’m hoping we can get this done before china shuts down for chinese new year. If we can, it will be end of this month, otherwise end of february.

  1.  NQTT protocol support – is anyone working on the v3 server (NQTT) or should we try to integrate with the V2 server, once the hardware is available?

Nobody working on this MQTT support yet, but it is expected to be relatively trivial. The library exists, and is already integrated, so it is just a matter of mapping the metrics to the MQTT topics. The v2 protocol is, by comparison, relatively tricky to implement.

Regards, Mark.

On 7 Jan 2018, at 5:39 AM, Dima Ivanov <dima at powerstats.co<mailto:dima at powerstats.co>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

My name is Dima – Tom Parker introduced me to your group.

I’m a co-founder of a citizen science project called Flip The Fleet (www.FlipTheFleet.org<http://www.flipthefleet.org/>) – we are gathering data from hundreds of EV and PHEV owners throughout New Zealand using my benchmarking platform called PowerStats (www.powerstats.co<http://www.powerstats.co/>). If you are interested, the first few lines on the Flip The Fleet website talk about the project at a high level (to avoid writing it out here).

Currently, all our drivers input their data into the PowerStats portal manually – as in, they look at their dash and their scanner app if they have one (e.g. LeafSpy), and type in the numbers they see into a web page inside our secure portal. They receive automated reminders, and do this data entry each month. For the early adopters and geeks – this is fine, they are happy to do this all day long. However, business owners and fleet managers don’t want to spend this time – and we’d like businesses’ data. In order for Flip The Fleet to have appeal to business, we need to automate data gathering as much as possible, so fleet managers only enter contextual data like satisfaction levels, maintenance spend etc. I would say that 90-95% of the fields we ask for can be obtained via CANBUS data.

This is where your project is very exciting for Henrik and I – the devices and systems you are working on will enable us to pitch to business (and, hopefully, monetise the two years of hard work Henrik and I have put into starting Flip The Fleet!)

Here are some immediate questions Tom has suggested I ask you:

  1.  V3 hardware, when do you think it’ll be ready?
  2.  NQTT protocol support – is anyone working on the v3 server (NQTT) or should we try to integrate with the V2 server, once the hardware is available?

Due to the character of a lot of our drivers, I’m sure there will be more than enough guinea pigs for your devices, should you need to have them tested out in the field. You’ll see the top-10 makes and models of cars we have registered on the Flip The Fleet homepage, towards the bottom. If we can be of help to you, we would love to assist by shoulder-tapping the right people.

Look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,
Dima Ivanov
Managing Director, PowerStats Limited

Ph: +64-(0)21-927-346
Address: ecentre, Oaklands Road, Albany 0632, Auckland, New Zealand
Skype: d.y.ivanov
E-mail: dima at powerstats.co<mailto:dima at powerstats.co>
Web: www.powerstats.co<http://www.powerstats.co/>

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