[Ovmsdev] CAN-3 broken again?

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Mon Jan 8 05:46:40 HKT 2018


Yes, definitely running out of free RAM, but I don't know the meaning
of the WindowOverflow messages.

The first time I built with release/v3.0 of esp-idf I was not able to
open an ssh connection; the error displayed was about a crypto
failure.  After quite a bit of digging to narrow down to where the
error was occurring, I finally found that the problem was running out
of free RAM.  My solution was to disable bluetooth entirely, which
made a big difference in the amount of free RAM.

                                                        -- Steve

On Sun, 7 Jan 2018, Greg D. wrote:

> Hi Michael, Steve, Mark,
> Steve, the crash was an abort in new_op.cc, so perhaps being out of space is the
> issue.  Crash and reboot log attached (crash.txt).  One thing I've been wondering
> about are the several lines "_WindowOverflow4 at ??:?" during the boot process.  Is
> that indicative of a problem, later to manifest in the crash?
> My builds include pretty much everything, except for the Leaf, Twizy, and Soul.
> The update included some 20 lines changed to mcp2525.cpp, as well as a bunch of other
> stuff, including a lot stuff updated in Canopen and Kia.  I have a script that does
> the git fetch master, merge, and push back to my github fork, the output of which is
> attached (update.txt).  As a test, I removed Canopen from the build config, and the
> crash has disappeared.  CAN-3 also appears to have come back to life (!), at least
> initially.  I can still get CAN-3 to fail if I turn on/off the modem and/or wifi in
> some sequence (still trying to pin that down), but that also leads to another crash
> (crash2.txt, attached).
> Mark:  Note also the issue with DNS failures getting to the v2 server.  I enabled the
> modem, got connected, then enabled WiFi (simulating arriving at home), and lost the V2
> server.  Disabling Wifi didn't bring it back, and powering off the modem (in
> preparation for turning it back on) caused the crash.
> So, two questions...  First, why the apparent conflict between Canopen or wifi/modem
> and obd2ecu over access to the 3rd CAN bus?  Why would the modem or wifi have any
> effect on a CAN bus?
> Second, overall memory usage seems to be at the limit.  What sort of budget do we have
> for what remains to be done, and how are we going to be packaging the build options
> for when non-developers want to get their hands on the product?  Will we be able to
> turn everything on, minus the developer / debug stuff, or will we have a separate SKU
> for each model car?
> Thanks,
> Greg
> Michael Balzer wrote:
> Greg,
> which commits / changes do you mean? The CAN drivers have not been changed since the T
> X performance fix, which Geir reported having solved his last issues.
> The current version is stable over here, but without the SSH component -- I can't use
> that due to memory getting too low together with the Twizy component.
> Regards,
> Michael
> Am 07.01.2018 um 08:04 schrieb Greg D.:
> Hi folks,
> I just resync'd with the main repository, and am not receiving frames on
> CAN-3 anymore.  I see there were changes to the chip driver...
> I'm also seeing crashes right after getting connected to WiFi,
> immediately after the system tries to start SSH.
> Seems like we just took a big step backward.  What happened?
> Greg
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