[Ovmsdev] Android App v3.12.2 in Play Store

Julien “JaXX” Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Thu Jan 4 20:30:52 HKT 2018

Hi all ! And Happy New Year
Back after an unexpected seasonal depression :-/

I can also recommend Kivy, though, for smartphones, I’m still a PhoneGap fan (AppFramework seems nice as well)
Raspi+Disp is running Kivy anyhow, as I believe Python is better suited for educational purposes, easy to hack, and has nice support for Pi’s.

I was thinking of working on some HID/HUD/Accessory code for the OVMS, communicating either over Wifi (with AP or AP+Client mode), BLE, or simply streaming over an UART built on EGPIOs (the last one suffering less latency and being probably more memory tight but needs HW mods)
The “Accessory” mode would simply stream out data, and eventually accept input, all in something close to the protocol meant for Nextion’s HMI Displays

Really need to kick myself.


On 4 Jan 2018 at 13:15 +0100, Andreas Ecker <aecker2 at gmail.com>, wrote:
> Kivy is a great framework for cross-platform development for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and OSX: https://kivy.org/#home
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