[Ovmsdev] Auto start/init

Greg D. gregd2350 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 08:46:00 HKT 2018

I understand the desire for security, but how does one set the password
the first time?  Instead, how about about using a default passkey if the
module password is not set?  That keeps the web interface closed to the
casual passerby, but allows initial connection to those with the
physical module's accompanying documentation.

We really ought to be making this easier to configure than the v2
module, where it one needed wrestle with SIM cards, accounts, and
activation headaches in order use SMS messages.  USB serial consoles are
better, but they still aren't all that user friendly.  We have a
wonderful web interface; we should be able to use it out of the box.


Michael Balzer wrote:
> The auto wifi ap mode does a fallback to "OVMS" with the module password if no AP network is configured. It does not start the AP mode if the password is empty.
> So in order to enable the AP mode for configuration, it's sufficient to set the module password and leave all auto configs to their defaults.

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