[Ovmsdev] Moving to a production cycle

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Mon Feb 26 08:44:02 HKT 2018

On Sun, 25 Feb 2018, Greg D. wrote:

> Perhaps yes, but why?
> If the objective is to eliminate having multiple SIMs and associated
> payment (a worthy objective!), I think it would be better / safer to put
> the one SIM in a mobile hotspot, and let everyone (OVMS and other
> clients) connect to that.  That's what I am testing with the SyncUp
> OBDII Dongle and the OBD2ECU task, and it seems to work.

If OVMS can be the hotspot, then you don't have to buy and install
a hotspot.  You would need to choose an appropriate SIM card and plan.

> The only issue I have is knowing when it is safe to turn off the
> Dongle's power, and then how to turn it back on again.  I'm not sure
> it's low enough power to just be on all the time, even given that all /
> most / some EVs (yes?) have 12v systems that are refreshed automatically
> from the main (BIG) battery pack.  The ovms module seems to run about
> 60ma; the SyncUp dongle adds another 150ma on top of that.  How much
> drain is too much?

The problem is that many EV's don't recharge the 12V battery unless
the car is turned on.  This dates back at least to the 2002/3 RAV4-EV
(of which we have one) for which "dead 12V battery" was the most
common cause of failure to run.

                                                        -- Steve

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