[Ovmsdev] Moving to a production cycle

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Feb 25 19:52:44 HKT 2018

Am 24.02.2018 um 23:24 schrieb Greg D.:
> I spent a few minutes playing with it just now, and I think there are a
> couple of extensions that would complete the package.  The biggest
> disconnect I see between the webserver and CLI management approaches is
> the role of files.  They are central to the CLI, with little files
> sprinkled everywhere about the module.  For the config items, that's
> well handled by both methods, but for events, that's a problem.  Perhaps
> this is coming, but I currently don't see where the file tree is
> visible, nor a facility for creating and editing them.  Are these
> planned, or is there a different means for managing on-board files?

Files and directory listings are currently already accessible and enabled by default (see configuration). The default docroot is "/sd". If you enter a URL that
is not handled by the webserver framework, it will be served from the SD card. If the URL is a directory, you'll get the file list. See my initial post on the
web frontend for details.

I suppose you mean scripts by files related to events. A script editor is on my list -- low prio, I see scripts as power user tools. A normal user should be
done by configuring the intended behaviour. Scripts currently are necessary because some standard automatics are not yet implemented.

> Finally, a use-case question.  Do we expect folks to be using the wifi
> client along with the modem, for example, using the wifi connection
> while at home or work to reduce cellular data fees, with the module
> flipping over to cellular when on the road?  I guess there are two
> reasons for asking...  First to understand what the connectivity and
> management scenarios are, and second, the known difficulty in flipping
> between the two connection stacks.
> Since wifi can be either a client or an AP, not both, anyone using wifi
> for management can't use it as a client, since there is no easy way to
> move it back to being an AP.  Ok, I suppose an SMS command could turn on
> AP mode...  Is that the intent?

I think we should implement the combined AP-STA mode as well and solve the issues with switching between modem and wifi.

I'll try to use both access ways simultaneously, as I want the module to transmit telemetry to the server by GSM while providing the web console via Wifi to my
mobile phone to avoid the latency involved by the server path.


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