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welcome :)

Am 04.08.2018 um 12:47 schrieb Henrik Scheel:
> Hi.
> I ordered my OVMS v3 module in march 2018, and excited when I received it months later.
> The module has been connected in my Kia Soul EV from around version 3.1.004, with OTA updates enabled, until July 12. It was connected to dexters-web.de
> <http://dexters-web.de> V2 server. It usually reported data to the app, sometimes with long delays, at other times not at all.
> From July 8th to July 10th, I drove the car 1450 km from Copenhagen to Paris, then parked it.
> When I tried to unlock the car 5 days later, the 12 Volt battery was completely drained, and since then, the OVMS has neither connected, nor sent beacons for
> the WIFI AP after a factory reset. I have no idea what happened. To my knowledge the module was functioning normally when I parked the car. On dexters-web, I
> can see that the last update was received at 22:07 12.07.2018.

Too bad :-(

I've had a look at the logs. Your last 12V reading was at 11.8V, which normally would be still OK, but I suspect you didn't calibrate the 12V measurement.

See https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/148
…and the new 12V section in the user guide.

So the Soul doesn't top up the 12V battery from the main battery? How much capacity does the 12V battery have on the Soul?

Maybe we should add vehicle specific 12V capabilities & warnings to the user guide. Or an overview table at the beginning?

> I have now (today) installed the development tools and OVMS software, built, and captured the output from the continuing crashes, when booting on the current
> master:
>> I (451) ovms_main: Mounting CONFIG...
> Initialising OVMS CONFIG within STORE
> E (461) config: Error: Cannot open config store directory
>> I (611) wifi: wifi firmware version: c25fd80
> I (621) wifi: config NVS flash: enabled
> I (621) wifi: config nano formating: disabled
> I (621) system_api: Base MAC address is not set, read default base MAC address from BLK0 of EFUSE
> E (631) system_api: Base MAC address from BLK0 of EFUSE CRC error, efuse_crc = 0xb2; calc_crc = 0x3d
> abort() was called at PC 0x400dc76b on core 1
> Is the OVMS module hardware broken? Or can I somehow fix the module (if so; how)?
> Is it possible that the OVMS malfunctioned, and the repeated re-booting caused extensive power drain, either directly from the OBD-II, or by somehow keeping
> some systems in the car “awake”, via CAN-bus activity?

See above & issues, power management is not yet implemented, so a reboot doesn't draw more power than normal live operation.

The CRC error on the efuse BLK0 is very bad. BLK0 contains the factory burnt MAC address assigned by Espressif. As efuses normally can't be changed once burnt
this signals a serious problem with your ESP32.

See https://github.com/espressif/esptool/wiki/espefuse -- you can try the dump command and send the results to Espressif. If your ESP32 really lost its efuses,
I think that's a warranty issue.

Mark, any idea on this?


> Best regards,
> Henrik
> -- 
> Venlig hilsen,
> Henrik R. Scheel
> Kia Soul EV 2015

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