[Ovmsdev] Config store mount failure / reformatting

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Aug 19 19:23:25 HKT 2018

I've pulled the latest esp-idf updates, merges, builds and runs without issues. Btw, the idf now includes a CAN driver, may be worth a look.

On the second app-flashing, this happened:

    Wrote 2399584 bytes (1382879 compressed) at 0x00010000 in 26.1 seconds (effective 736.0 kbit/s)...
    Hash of data verified.

    Hard resetting via RTS pin...
    I (452) ovms_main: Mounting CONFIG...
    W (722) vfs_fat_spiflash: f_mount failed (13)
    I (722) vfs_fat_spiflash: Formatting FATFS partition, allocation unit size=4096
    I (1152) vfs_fat_spiflash: Mounting again
    Initialising OVMS CONFIG within STORE


The first flash was perfectly OK and I haven't been able to reproduce this afterwards.

I don't think this is related to idf changes, as we had some reports on lost configs before. Issue #145 also seems to be solved by the new idf, I had no more
crashes during reboots.

I wonder if there could be a better strategy than immediately formatting the config filesystem on a mount error. Is there any chance the mount fails due to some
race condition, i.e. would it make sense to first retry mounting after a short delay?


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