[Ovmsdev] Lessons learnt, production batch #2 and onwards

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Tue Apr 24 00:29:55 HKT 2018


the serial number has a major issue: it's lost once you do a factory reset. So we need to tell people "use this password for your first setup, UNLESS you've
done a factory reset, in which case you need to use that password". That's already too much to keep in mind for most of our current users.

There is no serial number in the ESP32, and the modem is optional, so we can't use that or the hologram SIM. We thought about burning a serial number into an
efuse, but that adds complexity and chance of failure to the QC procedure.

The smartphone app extension is a nice idea, but I'd rather consider that an option. The setup should be possible without.


Am 23.04.2018 um 18:06 schrieb Craig Leres:
> On 04/23/18 01:44, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> # Factory default, use Access Point mode, SSID OVMS password “OVMSinit”, and no module password. Have them connect to the module over wifi Access Point, and
> I thought making the setup wifi passphrase be the the serial number printed on the module was an excellent factory default. I've seen dsl modems that do this.
> When I see unique default passwords in products it gives a little confidence they were designed with security in mind.
> What would be really slick is if the smartphone apps could have a "setup new module" mode. I've never used it but I think ruckus wireless has this. The app
> looks for ssid's with the right name then prompts the user to enter the serial number, scan again to pick a wifi network, enter the details, etc.
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