[Ovmsdev] Initial experience and Nissan Leaf updates (was: Turned off commenting on the OVMS v3 User Guide)

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Apr 20 21:31:22 HKT 2018

Great first post. Welcome aboard.

Regards, Mark.

> On 19 Apr 2018, at 11:39 PM, Robin O'Leary <ovmsdev at caederus.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 08:59:58PM +0800, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> My server is now showing 14 v3.x modules connected (2 of which are mine):
> ...
>> 1 running 3.1.003-41-gc299c84-dirty/ota_0/ro1
> That would be me.  As a long-time follower of the project, but first-time
> user of an actual OVMS device, I would say my "getting started" experience
> was very good; mostly plusses, with few minuses (and some of those seemed
> to go away later without my intervention):
> + OVMS unit plugged in to USB power.
> - No obvious power/status LED (I've since spotted it inside).
> + Connected to OVMS access point using android phone.
> - Tried to visit in phone's web browser (Firefox 55.0.2);
>  it seemed to connect, but would only display a blank page.
> + Connected OK with 'ssh admin at'
> + Entered 'enable' and poked around with some wifi/network commands.
> - Couldn't figure out how to set up wifi client ssid and password.
> - google docs mentions 'config list wifi.ssid' but not how you add new ones.
> - Tried 'wifi scan', which cut off my ssh connection.  Rebooted.
> + Connected to OVMS access point again, this time with a debian laptop.
> + Successfully visited in web browser (Firefox 52.3.0).
> + Changed password as prompted.
> + Added wifi client ssid and password.
> - Took a while for me to find the option 'Autostart - Wifi mode:'
> + Set that to 'Access point + Client'; Save & reboot.
> + OVMS got an address as a wifi client in my network.
> + Successfully visited web page on new IP address.
> - 'ssh admin at NEWIP' connects, but then immediately closes the connection.
> + Plugged module in to car (Nissan Leaf 2016).
> + Configured vehicle type etc.
> + Battery, range, odometer, temperature status updates.
> + Configured OVMSv2 server at api.openvehicles.com.
> + Module's web status says 'State: Connected'.
> - Not sure how to tell if it's working at the server end.
> + Download and install android app.
> - Server defaults to tmc.openvehicles.com (not api....)
> - Not sure what to put for SMS/module password.
> - Control - FEATURES, PARAMETERS both get stuck waiting for data.
>  (they started working some time later).
> + Live values start showing up!
> + Set up account with https://hologram.io/
> - google doc doesn't give URL
> - Tried 'metric list m.net.mdm.iccid', but that just printed
>  'm.net.mdm.iccid' (it started working some time later).
> + Activated SIM at https://dashboard.hologram.io/
> + ota update to 3.1.003 worked flawlessly
> Since then, I got a development environment set up with remarkably
> little trouble, and I've been adding some new metrics for the Nissan Leaf:
>    * ms_v_bat_soh from 0x5b3[1]
>    * ms_v_charge_temp from 0x54f[0] (this is actually inside temp)
>    * ms_v_door_fl etc. from 0x60d[0]
>    * ms_v_env_gear from 0x421[0]
>    * ms_v_env_handbrake from 0x5c5[0] (was faked by vehicle_nissanleaf_car_on)
>    * ms_v_env_headlights from 0x60d[0,1]
>    * ms_v_env_on from 0x60d[1] (was faked by vehicle_nissanleaf_car_on)
>    ...but continue to fake ms_v_env_awake by CAN activity of 0x284
>    * ms_v_env_locked from 0x60d[2]
>    * ms_v_inv_temp from 0x510[7]
>    * ms_v_tpms_fl_p etc. from 0x385[2..5]
> These all seem to be working nicely (at least, on my UK MY2015).
> I have a few questions:
> I would like to record the temperature inside the car, but I couldn't
> see an appropriate metric (I've stuck it on ms_v_charge_temp for now).
> Is there a better place for it?
> What is the intent of ms_v_env_on?  It was previously set true when
> certain CAN traffic was present and false after a period of inactivity.
> I now set it to true when the car is in state "ready to drive".
> A similar question goes for ms_v_env_awake.  I've left this doing the
> CAN activity detection, which means it changes for minor things like
> detecting a key-fob.
> What is the process for contributing changes?  I am currently doing
> my local work on the master branch cloned from github.
> Even after upgrading the firmware to the latest from git, I still have
> the problem with ssh connecting but then immediately dropping.  Is
> there some debug option I should turn on to find out why?
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